Pro options was marked with *.


Rules per page   – tab Rules supports pagination , so it’s max number of rules visible at page
Disable rule if it runs longer than [X] seconds   –  the plugin tries to prevent slowdown the shop, you will  see the  warnings if this option worked
Show first [X] results in autocomplete  – when you seek for products/categories/etc , you will see up to  X results
Allow to exclude products in filters  –   use this option if you set filter by category and want to exclude some  products
Support shortcode [adp_products_on_sale]   –  enables short code and  add button to tab “Rules”
Support shortcode [adp_products_bogo] –  enables short code and add button to tab “Rules”
* Show product title in SKU autocomplete  – use this option if you have a lot of similar SKUs  and it  confuses you
* Show quantity range in product filters  – free version supports only exact numbers
* Allow to set price priority in product filters – this option allows to create pack of “Expensive product at full price + 50% off for cheap product”.
See 50% off for every 2nd item (Pro version)

Category page

Show bulk table on category page – use Customizer to define position and layout
Replace price with lowest bulk price  – has no effect if you don’t  set bulk rules
* Don’t modify product prices on category/tag page – product prices stay unmodified
* Show striked prices on category/tag page  – show original price for modified products
* Replace the price with the lowest price of variations – works only for variable products

Product page

Show bulk table on product page – use Customizer to define position and layout
Show bulk table regardless to conditions  – ignore conditions for  bulk rules. Might confuse users – for example,  if bulk rule for specific role only.
Don’t modify product price on product page – product price stays unmodified
Show On Sale badge if product price was modified – might require some programming  to be compatible with your theme
Use first range as minimum quantity if bulk rule is active – set  product “qty” field on page load
* Show striked prices on product page – show original price for modified product
* Update price when user changes qty –  see it in action
* Replace variable price –  replaces price range with cost of selected variation


Show striked prices in the cart – show original price for modified products
Show striked subtotal in cart totals -show original total amount
Amount saved – use Customizer to define position and layout for cart/mini-cart/checkout pages
Disable external coupons if any rule applied – it works even if rule applied some cart discounts (for example, free shipping)
Disable external coupons only if any of cart items updated – product prices  must be modified
Hide “Coupon” word in cart totals –  use this option if  you want to show only coupon names
Show message after adding free product – the plugin shows this message only once
* Apply external coupons only to unmodified products –  it doesn’t disable coupons , but limits its scope
* Update cross-sells in the cartsee it in action
* Cart items sorting – you can move free products to bottom or use other modes
* Convert product discounts to coupon with fixed amount –   products will use original prices, but discount will be added as coupon
* Readonly quantity for free products –  customer can’t modify qty for automatically added free products
* Convert free product discounts to coupon with fixed amount –   free products will be added at full cost, but discount will be added as coupon


Apply discount on “Onsale” products – how the plugin works with products which are already onsale
Use prices modified by other plugins – we won’t  try to get original prices
Combine multiple fixed discounts – all discounts will be merged to one coupon
Combine multiple fees -all fees will be merged to one fee
Cents – how to round up prices
Round up totals to match modified item prices –  use precision defined in  WooCommerce.
For example, precision= 2 and discounted  price 18.777 , so 18.777 * 3  = 56.33,  but rounded values must be  18.78 * 3  = 56.34
* Displayed product price ignores the cart – we add the product to current cart to get new price. we use empty cart  – if this option is on.
* Calculate “On Sale” badge for variable products – this option requires extra calculations, so it’s  off by default
* Shipping discount is – what to do if we have many shipping discounts
* Apply discounts to original price – useful for %% discounts .  if many rules modify product price, each rule will use original price.
for example, you set 10% and 20%
if this option is ON = summary discount 30%  :  100 – 10 – 20
if this option is OFF = summary discount 28% :  100 – (100-10)*(100-20)


Suppress other pricing plugins in frontend – only our code ( actions/filters)  will work at frontend
Apply pricing rules to backend orders –  the plugin will be loaded in backend context
Still allow to edit prices in Phone Orders –  don’t disable inputs in Phone Orders plugin
Apply pricing rules while doing cron – the plugin will modify product prices udring background tasks,  “Apply pricing rules to backend orders”  must be on too!
Remove all data on uninstall – the plugin will remove all rules/settings and  history of applied discounts


Show debug panel at bottom of the page – this debug bar visible for admins only,  more details


* Show striked prices in the order details and emails – show original prices at thank you page and in the emails
* Amount saved -use Customizer to define  layout for thank you page and emails