Sections: Bulk rules, Buy one – get one free, Role discounts, Package costs, Variations and attributes, Cart adjustments, Pro condition, Pro frontend features

Basic usage

Set discount on product

Don’t use “Product Filters” to set store-wide discount


Set discount for category


Cart rule:  free shipping for  $1,000+


Bulk rules

Bulk discount for one product


Bulk discount for package with custom message


Tier for category


Buy one, get one free

Buy 2 products and get 2 products for free (ONCE)


Buy 2 products and get 2 another products for free


Buy any tagged products and get ONCE one product


Add free products based on subtotal amount

Role discounts

Simplest rule for wholesale buyer


Role rules only


Role filter and bulk ranges as one rule


Package pricing

Fixed package price


Package having one position


Reduced package price


Set price for each item


50% off for every 2nd item (Free version)


50% off for every 2nd item (Pro version)

Please, turn on “Allow to set price priority in product filters” in >Settings>Rules !


Variations and attributes

Percentage discount for variations


Gift for selected model and colors


Almost same rule, but use “exclude products”


Cart adjustments

Used conditions and adjustments are available in Pro version only

Cart fee for imported fruits


Cart discount -10%, on Friday


Buy any 5 items, get 15% off the cart


Condition “Product combination”

This condition is available in Pro version only

Check qty of all matched products


Check qty of any selected product


Check qty for each product

Pro features in action

Enabled option “Update price when user changes qty” will adjust product price onfly

Enabled “Update cross-sells in the cart” will do same for cross-sell product (bananas price!)

These examples use following bulk rule for category “Fruits”