June 18, 2024 ยท 3 minutes read

How to use social networks to increase phone orders

Social networks have become a vital part of the marketing mix. They offer businesses a direct line to engage with customers and influence their purchasing decisions. Here’s how companies can use social networks to increase phone orders:

Understanding the Audience

Before launching any campaign, it’s crucial to understand the target audience. Analyzing social media data can provide insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and the times they are most active online. Tailoring content to match these insights can increase the chances of conversion to phone orders.

Example: A local pizzeria analyzes their Instagram data and finds that their followers engage the most with posts featuring their signature pepperoni pizza. They decide to run a campaign during dinner hours, showcasing this popular item and encouraging followers to call and order with a special hashtag.

Engaging Content Creation

Content is king on social media. Creating engaging, informative, and visually appealing content can capture the attention of potential customers. Whether it’s through live videos, stories, or posts, the content should encourage viewers to make a phone call and place an order.

Example: A boutique clothing store shares a series of Instagram stories with a fashion influencer trying on different outfits. Each story ends with a “Swipe Up to Call” option, making it easy for viewers to phone in and purchase the featured clothing.

Personalized Messaging

Personalization can significantly enhance customer experience. Using social media to send personalized messages or respond to queries can make customers feel valued and more likely to use the phone ordering service.

Example: A customer comments on a Facebook post asking if a cake can be customized for a birthday. The bakery responds directly to the comment with a personalized message, inviting the customer to call and discuss the custom order with a cake designer.

Exclusive Social Media Promotions

Offering promotions exclusive to social media followers can drive phone orders. These could be limited-time offers or special discounts available only when ordering over the phone, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Example: A fitness center posts a tweet offering a 20% discount on membership renewals when customers call within the next 24 hours. The tweet includes a direct phone number, making it convenient for followers to take advantage of the offer.

Integrating Click-to-Call Buttons

Many social media platforms allow the integration of click-to-call buttons in ads or profiles. This feature reduces the barrier for customers to place a phone order, as they can call directly from the social media app.

Example: An electronics retailer includes a click-to-call button in their Facebook ad for the latest smartphone. Interested customers can tap the button and immediately connect with a sales representative to place an order.

Tracking and Analytics

Utilizing tracking tools to monitor the success of social media campaigns is essential. Analyzing which posts lead to an increase in phone orders can help refine strategies and improve future campaigns.

Example: After launching a LinkedIn campaign for a B2B service, the company uses analytics to track which posts are generating the most calls. They find that posts with customer testimonials lead to a higher call volume and adjust their strategy accordingly.


In summary, the intersection of social media and business strategy offers a dynamic avenue for increasing phone orders. By harnessing the power of audience insights, crafting compelling content, personalizing customer interactions, creating exclusive deals, simplifying the calling process, and meticulously analyzing campaign data, businesses can effectively amplify their phone-based sales. Embracing these tactics not only enhances customer engagement but also drives tangible results in today’s competitive market.