Advanced Dynamic Pricing For Woocommerce (Pro)

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Version 1.5.1 released on November 26th
  • Update price when user increases quantity on product page( by default – OFF)
  • Update price for cross-sells in the cart (by default – OFF)


Extra Conditions
  • Customer : selected users,  is first order, last order amount,  total amount spent in specified time frame
  • Cart  :  total weight, items count, applied coupons
  • Checkout :  shipping method, shipping state, payment method
  • Exact time frame ( Jan 1, from 12:10  till 12:50)
Exclusive Rules
  • these rules applied before common rules from first tab
  • if exclusive  rule was applied to the product – nothing else can change the price of the product!
  • by rules, by products, given gifts, shipping or cart fees
  • see which rule applied most
  • see which products discounted by rules too much

  • move/backup  all rules
  • copy separate rule to another shop


Full refund for up to 30 days after the purchase.