Phone Orders for WooCommerce (Pro)

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Version 3.2.2 released on Dec 4th

Compatible with Woocommerce 3.5

  • checkbox “allow duplicate products” (by default – off)
  • checkbox to show “role” field for new customer (by default – off)
  • checkbox “tax exempt” for customer
  • show button Duplicate Order after order creation (by default – off)
  • override link “Customer payment page” in order
  • show button “Edit” in orders list (in column “Actions”, for on-hold/pending orders)

Version 3.2.0 was released on October 18th

The plugin requires at least Woocommerce 3.3.0 !

  • Added buttons that redirect you to cart or checkout (by default – OFF), useful if shipping/pricing plugins must modify prices
  • Added “New Product” settings
  • Show SKU and tax class while adding new product (by default – OFF)
  • The plugin doesn’t freeze user interface if external plugins output errors
  • Translated to German

More comfortable work with customers
  • Customer search by shipping/billing fields
  • Define default country and state for new customers
  • Tweak fields in New Customer popup
  • Set default customer for new orders
More product filters
  • Filter products by category/tags
  • Repeat last search after adding product (for example, you add products with similar names)
  • Add items to top of the cart (no need to scroll if you add 10-20 products)
  • Hide products with no price defined
  • Enable/disable sale for “out of stock” products (allow backorders)
  • Set visibility, sku, tax class for products added on fly
Extended UI
  • Create new order based on existing order
  • Pause and resume the order
  • Edit created order
  • Set own shipping price (add method to shipping zone!)
  • Clear all items in cart with a push of a button
  • Save address details to the customer’s profile

Ability to pay order as customer via checkout page

Fees can be applied to the cart
  • Define fee title and amount
  • Set tax class (not taxable by default)
Extra form fields
  • Define the fields at tab “Misc Settings”
  • Fill them while you add order
  • Entered information will be saved as custom fields
Preference phone number|phone|text|8-800-
Preference email address|email|text|
Extra raincoat|rain|select|Yes|No

These lines will generate following form


Full refund for up to 30 days after the purchase.