We’ve just released free plugin to manage promotions / setup pricing rules . 

You can buy Pro version here, view code samples, solutions for some plugins
or submit ticket to Support ( not 24×7, but free users are welcomed too ).

Recent Pro changes  ( Pro version already includes all changes in free version ).

November 28th
Version 1.5.1, added “Summary Report By Products”, a lot of small tweaks/fixes

October  28th
Version 1.5.0, new powerful schedule mode , multiple gateways for single job

September 4th
Version 1.4.5, added  “SFTP” gateway ,  added tab “Settings”

July  17th
Version 1.4.2, added format “TSV” ,  added tab “License”

June  2nd
Version 1.4.0, added new export type  –  “Status Change”  jobs

May  16th
Version 1.3.1, significantly increased speed of UI  for big shops


Free plugin  Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce   is available in official WordPress repository.