CHANGELOG for Advanced Dynamic Pricing For Woocommerce (Pro)

Version 4.3.0 released on Jan 31st
  • Support High-Performance order storage (COT)
  • New mode "Recommended product" implemented in section "Auto Added"
  • Allow to edit message templates in >Settings>Free Products
  • Fixed bug for quantity range in product filters
  • Fixed minor bugs for "Auto Added" products
Version 4.2.0 released on Dec 19th, 2022
  • Date filter added to rule’s header to simplify UI
  • New mode "Use only 1st product from filter" for free products
  • Added option "Deactivate rules when it ends" (you must set end date in new Date filter)
  • Added option "Show advertising message regardless of conditions"
  • Added option "Show striked price for free shipping methods"
Version 4.1.7 released on Nov 22nd, 2022
  • Critical bug fixed - rules from section "Cart adjustments" ignored when WPML plugin active
  • Added extra options for mode "Choose gift directly from the cart", in Customizer
  • Fixed bug - option "Can be applied = Once" didn't work if marked the checkbox "Don't modify product prices and show discount as coupon"
  • Fixed bug - page "Choose gift" displayed categories before gifts if shop option "Shop Page Display" = "Show categories & products"
  • Fixed bug - cart condition "Was rule applied" ignored the rules which gave gifts
Version 4.1.6 released on Oct 31st, 2022
  • Fixed some CSRF and broken access control vulnerabilities
  • New section "Feeds" at tab "Compatibility"
  • Added checkbox "matched to the previous filters" to section "Exclude products", inside the rule
  • WPML can translate the template messages
  • Fixed bug - incorrect product price at product page, in Tier mode only
  • Fixed bug - condition "Product Collection" doesn't work
Version 4.1.5 released on Sept 14th, 2022
  • Fixed CSRF vulnerability - missed nonce verification when saving settings
  • Section "Bundles" added to the Compatibility tab
  • Fixed some minor bugs
Version 4.1.3 released on Aug 10th, 2022
  • Behavior changed! Now the "Quantity Range" for product filter tries to use as many products as possible
  • Allow to set "Max Amount" for free products, inside the rule
  • Added checkbox "Can not be removed" to section "Auto add to cart", inside the rule
  • Added option "Choose gift directly from the cart" (>Settings>Free products)
  • Added option "Allow to choose hidden products" (>Settings>Free products)
  • New condition "Subtotal - coupon"
Version 4.1.2 released on June 6th, 2022
  • Added option "Enable quick price change for simple products" (>Settings>Product Page, default ON)
  • Added compatiblity with "WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce" plugin
  • Updated compatiblity with some themes
Version 4.1.0 released on April 18th, 2022
  • Updated "Rules" tab - added sections All/Active/Inactive, Bulk actions, Search and tips inside the rule
  • The "Add Rule" screen shows a "Discount Type" selector to simplify the process
  • Import rules using CSV file (Tools tab)
  • Updated "Help" tab
  • New cart condition "Language"
  • New cart adjustments - "Apply coupons" and "Disable coupons"
  • UI - notify the users that they can't receive a gift because it has run out of stock
Version 4.0.4 released on March 1st, 2022
  • Fixed minor UI bugs for tab Rules
Version 4.0.1 released on February 2nd, 2022
  • New section "Automatically added products", they have cost, so it's not gifts!
  • New cart conditions: Currency, Product categories (weight)
  • Added option "Always use original regular price for striked price" (section "Product price")
  • Added tags {amount_saved}, {percentage_saved} for option "Show total price for product"
  • Modified filter "Product Property" for product collections (support "Virtual" and "Downloadable")
  • Added tab Compatibility, option "Don't apply a discount to addons"
Version 3.3.2 released on November 9th, 2021
  • Fixed bug for WooCommerce Subsriptions - discount was not applied to renewal orders
  • Fixed bug for bulk tables - column Percentage is rounded to integers now
  • Fixed UI bug - "Activated by coupon" option was disabled when you add new rule
  • Compatiblity with Woodmart theme - sale badge was incorrect for variable products
  • Compatiblity with Porto theme - sale badge was hidden for variable products
Version 3.3.0 released on August 16th, 2021
  • Added settings section "Advertising"
  • Added rule section "Discount messages"
  • Added counter for gifts = "Based on Subtotal (after discount, inc. VAT)"
  • Removed mode "Random" for gifts
  • New calculation option "Exclusive rule locks all matched products"( even if exclusive rule didn`t modify product price)
  • Updated Customizer - allow to choose "Total Price" position
  • Fixed bug - can't remove items from the cart
  • Fixed bug - missed "Total price" for variations
  • Fixed bug - missed custom taxonomies at tab "Collections"
  • Fixed bug - incorrect "Total Price" on page load if client set option "Use first range as minimum quantity if bulk rule is active"
Version 3.2.6 (internal release) on August 9th, 2021
Version 3.2.5 released on June 29th, 2021
  • Settings>Product page, added option "Show total price for product"
  • Settings>Cart, added option "Merge cart items" (it ignores gifts!)
Version 3.2.4 released on May 26th, 2021
  • Free Products - added modes in-rotation/random for "Give gift from list"
  • Cart Conditions - show shipping methods by zones
  • Settings>Cart , new option "Show text for zero priced items"
  • Fixed bug - product collections incorrectly filters variable products
  • Fixed bug - 2nd exclusive rule is not applied even if 1st rule did nothing
Version 3.2.2 released on March 30th, 2021
  • WARNING - requires PHP 7.0+
  • Global checkbox "Disable ALL rules if coupon applied"
  • All multiple-choice fields support multiselect
  • Added "Split discount" mode to section "Product discounts"
  • Section "Free products" supports qty based on "Subtotal (after discount)", added "Required" mode for selectable products
  • Cart adjustments "Disable selected shipping methods", "Fixed shipping price" , "Fixed discount shipping" and support own free shipping method
  • Cart conditions "Shipping zone", "Was rule applied", "Subtotal (skip onsale and discounted products, exc. VAT)"
  • Downloadable raw CSV report at tab "Statistics"
  • Checkbox "Replace the price with the lowest price of variations" for the product page + support tag {{regular_price_striked}} in this template
  • Checkbox "Show loader" in Settings>Product Price
  • Fixed bug - rule incorrectly filtered backordered items
  • Fixed bug - option "Replace price with lowest bulk price" ignored sale price
  • Fixed bug - modes "Total"/"Split" worked incorrectly if product filter has QTY >1
Version 3.1.5 released on January 19th, 2021
  • Added option "Show "you saved - xxx" for each product in the cart" (>Settings>Cart)
  • Added option "Don't show Restore link" (>Settings>Free products)
  • New conditions: customer geolocation state, user meta
  • Fixed bug - link "Choose your gift" showed all products (if shop page was used as home page)
  • Fixed bug in the internationalization of free products
Version 3.1.1 released on December 15th, 2020
  • Allow to choose gifts
  • Rule can be activated by coupon (you don't have to add it to >Marketing>Coupons)
  • Product filter supports option "Exclude products on backorder"
  • Added new section >Settings>Free products
  • Added option "Show striked subtotal in the order details and emails" (>Settings>Order)
  • Added option "Change prices on cart update" (>Settings>Category page)
  • New conditions: Spent + subtotal, Paid orders counter, Subtotal(before discount)
Version 3.0.9 released on November 17th, 2020
  • Added conditions "Shipping Postcodes" and "Subtotal (inc. tax)"
  • Cart condition "Shipping states" shows country as prefix
  • Added Customizer option 'Show %% discount column' for bulk tables
  • Option "Do not modify product prices on category/tag page" affects to any product loop
  • Correctly work with scheduled sale prices (set inside product)
Version 3.0.5 released on August 5th, 2020
  • Major release!
  • New option "Show crossed out price range, for variable products"
  • Display mode for prices in "Bulk table" (default / with taxes / without taxes)
  • Show spinner when plugin updates price at product page
Version 2.3.5 released on May 25th, 2020
  • Bulk table is compatible with multilanguage plugins
  • Add checkbox "Any product" to product combination condition
  • Fixed bug - price is not updated when user selected another variation
  • Fixed bug - qty based on selected products(categories) showed wrong price
  • Fixed bug - wrong calcuations for Tier mode
  • A lot of new hooks
Version 2.3.2 released on Feb 10th, 2020
  • Product collections can filter products by properties (stock/length/weight)
  • Dynamically update bulk price for simple products (based on ranges, only if  option "Calculate price based on" == "current rule")
Version 2.3.0 released on Dec 5th, 2019
  • Added selector to turn OFF/ON all rules, at once
  • Product Collections added to cart conditions
  • Calculation option "Apply discounts to original price"
Version 2.2.4 released on Oct 14th, 2019
  • New tab Product Collections
  • Rule UI - checkbox 'Convert free products to coupon with fixed amount'
  • Added selector "in list/not in list" for conditions "Amount for ..."
  • Calculation option "Shipping discount" (default = "Maximum value" of all applied rules)
Version 2.1.1 released on July 22nd, 2019
  • Rule checkbox "Skip onsale products" inside product filters
  • Rule option "Allow to set price priority in product filters" (default OFF)
  • Cart option "Apply coupons to unmodified products only" (default OFF)
  • Condition "Subtotal amount(skip onsale products)"

Version 2.0.0 released on June 11th, 2019
  • New calculation algorithm, the plugin works much faster
  • New rule option "Show product title in SKU autocomplete"
  • New catalog option "Show striked prices"
  • New cart option "Convert product discounts to coupon with fixed amount"
  • New calculation option "Displayed product price ignores the cart"
  • New calculation option "Apply only one pricing rule"
  • New cart adjustment "Tax Exempt"
  • New cart adjustment "Fixed shipping cost"