CHANGELOG for Advanced Dynamic Pricing For Woocommerce (Pro)

Version 3.2.5 released on June 29th
  • Settings>Product page, added option "Show total price for product"
  • Settings>Cart, added option "Merge cart items" (it ignores gifts!)
Version 3.2.4 released on May 26th
  • Free Products - added modes in-rotation/random for "Give gift from list"
  • Cart Conditions - show shipping methods by zones
  • Settings>Cart , new option "Show text for zero priced items"
  • Fixed bug - product collections incorrectly filters variable products
  • Fixed bug - 2nd exclusive rule is not applied even if 1st rule did nothing
Version 3.2.2 released on March 30th
  • WARNING - requires PHP 7.0+
  • Global checkbox "Disable ALL rules if coupon applied"
  • All multiple-choice fields support multiselect
  • Added "Split discount" mode to section "Product discounts"
  • Section "Free products" supports qty based on "Subtotal (after discount)", added "Required" mode for selectable products
  • Cart adjustments "Disable selected shipping methods", "Fixed shipping price" , "Fixed discount shipping" and support own free shipping method
  • Cart conditions "Shipping zone", "Was rule applied", "Subtotal (skip onsale and discounted products, exc. VAT)"
  • Downloadable raw CSV report at tab "Statistics"
  • Checkbox "Replace the price with the lowest price of variations" for the product page + support tag {{regular_price_striked}} in this template
  • Checkbox "Show loader" in Settings>Product Price
  • Fixed bug - rule incorrectly filtered backordered items
  • Fixed bug - option "Replace price with lowest bulk price" ignored sale price
  • Fixed bug - modes "Total"/"Split" worked incorrectly if product filter has QTY >1
Version 3.1.5 released on January 19th
  • Added option "Show "you saved - xxx" for each product in the cart" (>Settings>Cart)
  • Added option "Don't show Restore link" (>Settings>Free products)
  • New conditions: customer geolocation state, user meta
  • Fixed bug - link "Choose your gift" showed all products (if shop page was used as home page)
  • Fixed bug in the internationalization of free products
Version 3.1.1 released on December 15th
  • Allow to choose gifts
  • Rule can be activated by coupon (you don't have to add it to >Marketing>Coupons)
  • Product filter supports option "Exclude products on backorder"
  • Added new section >Settings>Free products
  • Added option "Show striked subtotal in the order details and emails" (>Settings>Order)
  • Added option "Change prices on cart update" (>Settings>Category page)
  • New conditions: Spent + subtotal, Paid orders counter, Subtotal(before discount)
Version 3.0.9 released on November 17th
  • Added conditions "Shipping Postcodes" and "Subtotal (inc. tax)"
  • Cart condition "Shipping states" shows country as prefix
  • Added Customizer option 'Show %% discount column' for bulk tables
  • Option "Do not modify product prices on category/tag page" affects to any product loop
  • Correctly work with scheduled sale prices (set inside product)
Version 3.0.5 released on August 5th
  • Major release!
  • New option "Show crossed out price range, for variable products"
  • Display mode for prices in "Bulk table" (default / with taxes / without taxes)
  • Show spinner when plugin updates price at product page
Version 2.3.5 released on May 25th
  • Bulk table is compatible with multilanguage plugins
  • Add checkbox "Any product" to product combination condition
  • Fixed bug - price is not updated when user selected another variation
  • Fixed bug - qty based on selected products(categories) showed wrong price
  • Fixed bug - wrong calcuations for Tier mode
  • A lot of new hooks
Version 2.3.2 released on Feb 10th
  • Product collections can filter products by properties (stock/length/weight)
  • Dynamically update bulk price for simple products (based on ranges, only if  option "Calculate price based on" == "current rule")
Version 2.3.0 released on Dec 5th
  • Added selector to turn OFF/ON all rules, at once
  • Product Collections added to cart conditions
  • Calculation option "Apply discounts to original price"
Version 2.2.4 released on Oct 14th
  • New tab Product Collections
  • Rule UI - checkbox 'Convert free products to coupon with fixed amount'
  • Added selector "in list/not in list" for conditions "Amount for ..."
  • Calculation option "Shipping discount" (default = "Maximum value" of all applied rules)
Version 2.1.1 released on July 22nd
  • Rule checkbox "Skip onsale products" inside product filters
  • Rule option "Allow to set price priority in product filters" (default OFF)
  • Cart option "Apply coupons to unmodified products only" (default OFF)
  • Condition "Subtotal amount(skip onsale products)"

Version 2.0.0 released on June 11th
  • New calculation algorithm, the plugin works much faster
  • New rule option "Show product title in SKU autocomplete"
  • New catalog option "Show striked prices"
  • New cart option "Convert product discounts to coupon with fixed amount"
  • New calculation option "Displayed product price ignores the cart"
  • New calculation option "Apply only one pricing rule"
  • New cart adjustment "Tax Exempt"
  • New cart adjustment "Fixed shipping cost"