CHANGELOG for Phone Orders for WooCommerce (Pro)

Version 3.6.4 released on October 12th
  • Added option "Show button”Pay" (>Settings>Layout), you should use User Role Editor to give capability pay_for_order
  • Added option "Show cart weight" (>Settings>Layout)
  • Added options to hide buttons "Send Invoice" and "View Order" (>Settings>Layout)
  • Added option "Hide item meta" (>Settings>Cart Items)
  • UI tweak - replaced custom icon with standard "edit" icon in >WooCommerce>Orders
  • UI tweak - show button "View order" for non-editable orders
  • Fixed bug - can't set role for new customer
  • Fixed bug - field "user role" was disappeared if you enter different shipping address
  • Fixed bug - option "Disable edit meta" removed item meta fields
  • Fixed bug - shipping phone showed twice if "Multiple Customer Addresses" plugin active
  • Fixed bug - tax added to fee amount, even if we enter amount "with tax" in popup
Version 3.6.3 released on May 24th
  • Added option "Allow to edit coupon name" (>Settings>Discount)
  • Fixed bug - payment method was not selected when user loads existing order
  • Fixed bug - impossible to edit existing order with 50+ cart items
  • Fixed bug - option "Use payment and delivery preferences from last order" didn't ignore refunds
  • Fixed bug - popup "Order History" showed broken column "Total"
  • Fixed bug - button "Go to Checkout" uses original shipping cost
Version 3.6.2 released on March 31st
  • Green buttons(Go to Cart/Checkout) don't check required fields, to allow guest orders
  • Fixed bug - links (generated by button Checkout Link) didn't work
  • Fixed bug - button "Edit in backend" added taxes to existing order, even if taxes were disabled
  • Fixed bug - "hidden" field was empty when you edit/duplicate existing order
Version 3.6.1 released on March 22th
  • Support PW Gift Card plugin
  • Option "Show button 'Payment link'" (>Settings>Checkout at frontend)
  • Option "Allow to rename cart items'" (>Settings>Cart Items)
  • Allow to hide fields "First Name", "Last Name" in "Customer" popup
  • Added link "Edit Phone Order" to tab Log
  • Payment method "Phone orders" works in backend
  • Fixed bug - can't edit shipping cost if initial cost= 0
  • Fixed bug - stock is not updated if user edit existing order
  • Fixed bug - item meta lost when user press Goto Checkout or Goto Cart
  • Fixed bug - unable to edit a draft
  • Fixed bug - draft created wrong order
  • Fixed bug - Google autcomple doesn't work if field "Country" was hidden
  • Fixed bug - required fields were not checked during order creation
Version 3.5.2 released on December 10th, 2020
  • Support subscription fields (Next Payment Date,Schedule,Cost)
  • Option "Hide fields" (>Settings>Customer)
  • Checkbox "Allow to add products from shop page" (>Settings>Run at frontend)
Version 3.5.1 released on October 6th, 2020
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.5
  • Checkbox "Override "Pay for this order" in the order email"
Version 3.5.0 released on July 22nd, 2020
  • Checkbox "Barcode scanner mode"(>Settings>Products)
  • Checkbox group "Show product properties" (>Settings>New product)
  • Checkbox "Show category selector" (>Settings>New product)
  • Dropdown "Checkbox 'Create WooCommerce product'" (>Settings>New product)
  • Checkbox "Show Role field" (>Settings>Customers)
  • Checkbox "Show order type filter in orders list" (>Settings>WooCommerce)
  • New report "Sales By Phone, per user" (>WooCommerce>Reports)
  • Option "Show custom fields in X columns" (>Settings>Custom fields)
  • Highlight empty custom fields dynamically (even on page load)
Version 3.4.4 released on May 5th, 2020
  • Interface settings were divided into 3 tabs: Interface, Layout, Cart Items
  • Significantly increased speed of page loading
  • Button "Create Draft" is visible after adding product (customer can be empty)
  • Checkbox "Seek only in orders created by current user" added to "Find Orders" settings
  • Select "Seek only in orders having status" added to "Find Orders" settings
  • Button "Checkout link" now shows textbox with link (fixed problem for Safari/FF)
  • Fixed bug - totals was not updated when tax exempt is ON
  • Fixed bug - mysql errors in product search ("Deep search" mode)
Version 3.4.2 released on March 23rd, 2020
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Customer option 'Hide checkbox "Tax exempt"'
  • Interface option 'Hide field "Private note"'
  • Allow to filter order list by the "Order creator"
  • Fixed bug - button "Create draft" didn't show errors
  • Fixed bug - can not sale "backordered" products
Version 3.4.0 released on March 3rd, 2020
  • Interface option "Show section "Phone Orders" inside order page"
  • Interface option "Show button "Mark as paid"
  • Interface option "Use interface in English" (regardless to website language)
  • Order option "Don't allow to edit orders having status"
  • Customer option "Search for customers in last [xxxx] orders, 0 -unlimited"
  • Customer option "Email is required"
  • Customer option "Update user's first and last name when updating billing information"
  • Customer option "Use payment and delivery preferences from last order"
  • Customer option "Required fields" (as group of checkboxes)
  • Popup "New customer" - option "Create customer based on existing order"
  • Dropdown "Address book" shows addresses from past orders
  • Product option "Click on title action, in cart"
  • Product option "Click on title action, in search results"
  • Popup "Create product" - option "Edit created product in new tab"
  • Custom fields (added via >Settings>Custom fields) are visible in >Users>Your profile
  • Custom field "Shipping Phone" field is visible in >Users>Your profile
  • Custom fields - checkbox "Show custom fields in order email"
  • Fixed bug for button "Checkout link", the links expired immediately
  • The plugin adds own payment method, it's active at frontend for phone orders only
Version 3.3.7 released on November 26th, 2019
  • A lot of interface options
  • Added tab "WooCommerce" to >Settings
  • Subtotals updates even if option "Automatically update Shipping/Taxes/Totals" is off
  • Support field VAT Number (turn it on in >Settings>Customers)
Version 3.3.6 released on October 15th, 2019
  • Product search updated again(to support partial matches)
  • Product variations shown in same order as they are displayed inside the product
Version 3.3.5 released on October 7th, 2019
  • Button "Edit order" tries to preserve existing items
  • Show column"Order creator" in orders list (>Settings>Interface, default OFF)
  • Button "Go to checkout" verifies required custom fields
  • Button "Go to checkout" saves customer details before redirect to the checkout page
Version 3.3.4 released on August 23rd, 2019
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.7
  • Added button "Full Refund"
  • Added button "Checkout link" (>Settings>Checkout at frontend, default OFF)
  • Option "Sell disabled variations" (>Settings>Products, default OFF)
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs
Version 3.3.2 released on July 1st, 2019
  • Show products as grid of images (>Settings>Products, default ON)
  • Show default products in autocomplete (>Settings>Products) - use if you sale just a few products
  • Added button "Order history" (>Settings>Run at frontend, default OFF) - non-admin users can check customer orders
Version 3.3.1 released on May 21st, 2019
  • Added sorting by relevance (>Settings>Products, default ON)
  • Added button "View invoice" (>Settings>interface, default OFF) - useful for non-admin users who can't view created order
  • Extra settings for "Ship to a different address" mode (>Settings>interface, default OFF)
  • Checkbox "Use Shipping Phone" (>Settings>Customers, default OFF) - non-standard field! we only fills post_meta
  • Checkbox "Hide "Add coupon" (>Settings>Coupons, default OFF)
  • Custom fields support "value=title" pairs