Advanced Orders Export For WooCommerce (Pro)

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Pro version  adds following  features to our free plugin

Multiple profiles

Allows you export selected  orders  via  “Bulk Actions” in >Woocommerce>Orders

Rules to export single order  after status change

Use them  if you have to handle new/modified order immediately

Scheduled exports

See detailed features below

Flexible schedules

  • simple  weekdays mode
  • complex  weekdays mode
  • by intervals ( daily, hourly, .. )

Send results to multiple destinations at once.
We  support : email,  ftp , sftp , http url ( web hook )  or  folder on your webserver.
Custom destinations can be coded too ( for extra fee ).

Support different date ranges  and  date types

Full refund for up to 30 days after the purchase. 

Follow this article  and replace WordPress cron with real cron  if you’re going to use Scheduled Jobs.