Advanced Dynamic Pricing For Woocommerce (Pro)

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Questions about compatibility, Want to add custom condition? (for programmers)

Version 1.5.2 released on January 16th
  • New cart condition “Product Combination”
  • Added “Don’t modify product prices at category/tag pages” to Calculation settings
  • Added “Show Striked Prices at Product page” to Interface settings

See new condition samples

Version 1.5.1 released on November 26th
  • Update price when user increases quantity on product page(by default – OFF)
  • Update price for cross-sells in the cart (by default – OFF)

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Extra Conditions
  • Customer : selected users,  is first order, last order amount,  total amount spent in specified time frame
  • Cart  :  total weight, items count, applied coupons
  • Checkout :  shipping method, shipping state, payment method
  • Exact time frame ( Jan 1, from 12:10  till 12:50)
Exclusive Rules
  • these rules applied before common rules from first tab
  • if exclusive  rule was applied to the product – nothing else can change the price of the product!
  • by rules, by products, given gifts, shipping or cart fees
  • see which rule applied most
  • see which products discounted by rules too much

  • move/backup  all rules
  • copy separate rule to another shop


Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce (Pro)

Try demo. Create new profile or status change job. Scheduled jobs won’t run.

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Version 2.1.1 released on Feb 12th
  • New format – PDF
  • Fixed some vulnerabilities
  • Section “Setup fields” works on phone/tablet

Multiple profiles

Allows you export selected  orders  via  “Bulk Actions” in >Woocommerce>Orders

Rules to export single order  after status change

Use them  if you have to handle new/modified order immediately

Scheduled exports

See detailed features below

Flexible schedules

  • simple  weekdays mode
  • complex  weekdays mode
  • by intervals ( daily, hourly, .. )

Send results to multiple destinations at once.
We  support : email,  ftp , sftp , http url ( web hook ), folder on YOUR webserver ( not to local Mac or Windows! ) OR Zapier (upload to Google Drive/Dropbox/other storages/CRMs).
Custom destinations can be coded too ( for extra fee ).

Support different date ranges  and  date types

Follow this article  and replace WordPress cron with real cron  if you’re going to use Scheduled Jobs.

Phone Orders for WooCommerce (Pro)

Try demo  or use helpdesk to request new feature / report any bugs.

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Version 3.2.4 released on Feb 21st
  • Ability to run as frontend page
  • Speed up order/customer search
  • New settings tab “Interface”
Version 3.2.3 released on Jan 31st

Use our free pricing plugin for bulk/roles/others discounts

More comfortable work with customers
  • Customer search by shipping/billing fields
  • Define default country and state for new customers
  • Tweak fields in New Customer popup
  • Set default customer for new orders
More product filters
  • Filter products by category/tags
  • Repeat last search after adding product (for example, you add products with similar names)
  • Add items to top of the cart (no need to scroll if you add 10-20 products)
  • Hide products with no price defined
  • Enable/disable sale for “out of stock” products (allow backorders)
  • Set visibility, sku, tax class for products added on fly
Extended UI
  • Create new order based on existing order
  • Pause and resume the order
  • Edit created order
  • Set own shipping price (add method to shipping zone!)
  • Clear all items in cart with a push of a button
  • Save address details to the customer’s profile

Ability to pay order as customer via checkout page

Ability to finish order via frontend checkout

Settings overview
Extra form fields
  • Define custom order/product fields at tab “Settings”
  • Fill them while you add order
  • Entered information will be saved as custom fields
End Date|end_date|date
Gold member|gold_member|hidden|YES
Preference phone number|phone|text|8-800-
Preference email address|email|text|
Extra raincoat|rain|select|Yes|No

These lines will generate following form